Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sledding... Almost

Sam's bright idea: let's take teh kids to your mom's after church so they can go sledding.

We watched from the upstairs room as Abby took the first turn down the hill with her cousin Olivia on the sled with her. As they slid at sonic speed over the slick icy snow, Sam says, "Oh this isn't going to be good."
I think he wins for understatement of the year.

Abby seeing their rapid approach towards the apple tree (the ONLY tree within 100 yards)tries to spin the sled away. In the process the sled flips with Olivia landing neatly on top of Abby.

As Olivia disentangles herself from Abby and the sled, we notice that Abby is rather slow in getting up. We then notice that she is crying and holding her arm.

Once she gets inside Sam inspects her wrist and arm which are badly scraped and bleeding. She also complains of one particular spot that hurts and is indeed swelling quickly. So we splint her with a wooden spatula and ace bandage and sling her arm in a dish towel for the trip to the ER at Day Kimball.

Thankfully, after a relatively short wait (relative to what the wait would have been at Backus), the x-rays showed no break. The injury was deemed to be a severe sprain with a nasty case of "snow rash". They cleaned her up with some fresh bandages that didn't include any kitchen utensils and sent us on our way.
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