Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Trouble with Homeschool

Here's the problem with homeschooling:

Abby explaining her science experiment to Nathalie: "See, the balloon has no charge until I rub it and then it has a charge. It lets its charge go with a mini lightning bolt."
Nathalie: that is really cool.
Abby: And see this balloon is bigger and I can make a bigger lightning bolt with it.
Nathalie yelps.
Nathalie: Let's see how big a bolt we can make. Blow up a really big balloon!
Several balloons and yelps later....
Abby: Now if I could somehow get a big enough balloon, I could make real lightning!
Nathalie: What about that thing at the museum?
Abby: Oh yeah! The generator thingy! That's like a REALLY big balloon!
Abby and Nathalie: MOOOOOMMMM! Can we go to the science museum to see the generator thingy?
Me, after looking online for the cost of the museum: $110 just for all of us to step foot in the door. Another $60 to see the planetarium, and goodness knows what the parking will be! We could get a family membership, but even with the $165 premier package we would still have to buy 3 additional planetarium tickets at $9 apiece!

Who knew Homeschool would be so expensive!?!
Maybe I can steer the girls towards coming up with a way to turn goat manure into electricity.....
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