Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Barn Cleaning

Yesterday we cleaned the barn in anticipation of kidding. Our first doe is due March 10th and since they can go 5 days on either side of their due date, it was time to clean the barn.

What a mess and most of it wasn't the kids; it was Sam! All his tools, nails, screws, door hardware, etc were just kind of left where he had dropped them after his last project in the barn. We carefully pulled them all out of the hay and dirt and stacked them on the bench in the milk room.

When he got home from his errands, we were still out there cleaning. I asked him if he could go through all the stuff on the bench and put it away. He said, "Sure, after I cut up the tree that is down in the pasture." Then he had to fix the door to the barn. He kept finding little things that needed to be done, other than his pile on the bench. I now know where the kids get it from!

I worked really hard at not saying anything even though the bench was in our way in the barn. Since we could do no more in the barn until he stopped procrastinating and got to the bench, I started on the outside of the barn. Fence posts that had fallen over and were now buried in leaves, a multitude of chicken feeders and waterers that had cracks but no one had felt the need to throw away, etc. Sam finally cleared the bench while we were outside the barn. I think he finally ran out of "other" things to do!

Now our barn is clean and ready for chicks, kidds, and milking!
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