Saturday, March 22, 2008


Speaking of charging calvary...
Today Hannah and I are leaving (CHARGE!) for the UCONN New England Poultry Show at around 8AM with her one chicken that had been tested last year: Red. Guess what kind of chicken she is??

Sam will be bringing Abby to the Easter Egg Hunt in town for 10AM for her Girl Scout's volunteer project. Then at 11 he'll be bringing baby goats up to the egg hunt for the Great Goats 4H community service project. (CHARGE!)

Then he will be bringing the 4 children in his care to his parent's house in Waterford for their family egg hunt with all of their cousins on Sam's side. Abby is too old this year to participate other than as a helper for the littlest kids. The Hunt begins at 2PM (CHARGE!) and the kids will have found all but the two last eggs within 20 minutes. The adults will then spend 45 minutes looking for those 2 eggs (all the while cracking jokes about the squirrels and rabbits stealing the hidden eggs) until the grandmother surreptitiously drops two eggs in obvious spots for the little ones to "find". Ahhh, tradition!

Hannah and I should be back from the Chicken show by 3:30. Probably right about the same time as Sam and the girls return from Waterford. Then it will be time to deal with the animals and scare up some sort of dinner. (Charge??) Maybe we'll just eat the Easter candy....
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