Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Chicken Show

Hannah did really well at the chicken show last Saturday: SEVENTH! place out of 28 kids in her class (Junior Novice)! Here are some pictures. Thanks to Mrs. Rodgers because I forgot my camera! Pictured with Hannah is Jeremiah, who is also in our 4H Club. He placed FIRST! in the same class as Hannah!

I think the cutest moment was while Hannah was showing. She had her back to us as she was facing the judges while holding her chicken, Red. We watched as Hannah held her free arm behind her back. We quickly realized that Hannah had corn in her hand and was quietly feeding her chicken behind her back, to keep it calm.

Later Hannah still had the package of corn in her pocket. She came and sat down beside us in the stands. At which point the baggy burst open and spilled cracked corn everywhere! She went and brought Red up to clean the mess, which Red was quite happy to do.
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