Saturday, March 8, 2008

Last night was the New London County 4H Public Speaking. It was very good. Long, but they always are. There were 17 speakers who were the winners from the various competitions around the county. New London had the highest number of participants in the state!

Jeremiah Jones and Susan Bennett were winners from our club's competition and so they made their speeches again last night. They both did very well! I hope they both continue to compete in upcoming years. Jeremiah won for Junior Speaker! YAY!

There was one demonstrator near the end of the program, so it was late and we were getting a little punchy. He was demonstrating how to prepare a chicken for show. He recommended that after shampooing your chicken you dunk itin vinegar to make the feathers shiny. Sam leaned over and says, "Are we marinating it?" Then the kid starts talking about using vegetable oil on various parts. Sam can't help himself, he starts to snicker and whispers something like, "If he suggests rosemary next..."
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