Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Mudroom has been painted!!
Today, after Sam and Hannah finish "Hannah's Chicken Emporium" for her show chickens, Sam will start on installing the ceiling! He says I shouldn't hold my breath....

We went on a "date" last night. Our normal date place: Lowe's. We scoped out what it will cost for the cupboards and cabinets in the mudroom. If we go middle of the line, it will be around $400. We priced out my "dream" cabinets just for perspective: $750! We even looked at the really cheap plastic versions. They weren't that much more inexpensive at $300 and they definitely won't hold up to the way the children will most assuredly abuse them. Sam is going to work it up to see what it would cost for him to make them himself. I told him to factor in for my frustration level when it takes him 6 months to build them.
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