Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Rain and mud

Apparently it is supposed to rain for the next 3 days. We have had to lay boards along the path from house to barn because the mud is now 6+ inches deep and evidently has an appetite for boots. You would think the children would have figured out how to walk just slightly off the path where the mud is not as thick, but then you would be wrong. Even the goats have better sense and are staying off their pathways.

Speaking of goats, Lucy hasn't kidded yet. Last year she only went one day past her due date. Tomorrow will be day four.

Hannah's Chicken Emporium is finished except for the painting. As soon as we get a warm dry day, she'll get to paint it.

Jack and James are doing very well and have survived disbudding. I asked Donna to do it as she is better at it than I am and Abby needs them to be scur-free for her cart driving team.

I began to clean my office today. The Rodgers are having a tag sale in April and have graciously offered to let us join them. The pile marked "APRIL" is growing steadily! The pile marked "MUDROOM" is growing too....
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