Sunday, March 16, 2008

St. Patrick's Day

Today is the grand event. Our family's St. Patrick's Day feast. My Grandparents are coming down from New Hampshire, my brother's (very serious) girlfriend and her parents, and I think my other brother's in-laws are coming too, even though my brother and his wife are on a cruise.

We will consume about 100 pounds of corned beef, 30 pounds of potatoes, 20 pounds of carrots, and at least two heads of cabbage. We do this despite the fact that in researching our family history, we aren't as Irish as we once thought! Oh we still have Irish blood in us; names like: O'Gorman, O'Reilly, and O'Bryan, certainly qualify us for some St. Patty's Day fun. It just isn't the 75% that everyone used to think we had.
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