Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy Week

We cleaned the schoolroom yesterday. It only took 3 HOURS!!! Apparently when mom says, "Pick up the schoolroom," the children hear, "Throw everything that is on the floor into the closet and everything that is on your desk, shove onto your shelf." We even washed the window, the screen and the curtains!

Gordon came over yesterday afternoon with Grace. He helped Sam replace the tie rod end on his car and then helped Sam to check to see if his truck is repairable. The jury is still out on the truck. Grace and the girls had a blast playing until the sun set. We have had the BEST weather for our vacation week. The kids have been outside from dawn to dusk nearly every night.

This morning I am going over to disbud Bridget's goat. Then Sam and I are heading to Lowes to price the shelving we are looking at for the mudroom. Later today I need to light my smoker and check on my bees. Hannah has a girl scout sleepover tonight at the campground. Then tomorrow is the 4H Camp Clean-up project.

It has been a busy week.
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