Friday, April 4, 2008

Mental and Physical Exhaustion

I admit it! I am tired. Physically: My body is tired from kneeling in wet cold barns and the hard, cold cement floor (laying tile in the mudroom). Tensely dealing with angry bees who are naturally defensive and protective of their queen, also makes the muscles sore. Also took advantage of the weather yesterday and raked the back yard. The physical fatigue is not helping me emotionally either.

Mentally: I have spent the last two hours pouring over my daughter's school records and researching what our options are for her education. Why is it I can see that there is an issue, yet so few others see it? Every grade report from the very first marking period of kindergarten mentions her difficulties with either grammar, reading or writing. The non-school "learning specialists" which I have spoken to won't even consider working with us until the public school has performed certain tests. Or I pay through the nose to have a private agency test her. And then the fees they charge per hour to "educate" her could feed my family for a week!

"I have yet begun to fight!"
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