Saturday, April 26, 2008

My Calendar

I have a huge wipe-off calendar hanging in my "office". Around this time of the month I wipe off the first three weeks and write in the next three. I am always amazed that when I do this. Two days ago I had very little written in on it. I was thinking the month of May would be calm. HAHAHA! Not so much!

In the next two weeks alone, I have two 4H related meetings, three children have doctor's appointments, and two children have orthodontist appointments. All five girls have girl scout meetings. The Saturdays are filled with activities for Girl scouts, 4H'ers and church functions.

My Nathalie is such a sweetheart. She figured out (math in the real world!) how much it costs in gas for her to be driven to girl scouts when Sam isn't home so I have to drive the van. We happen to live as far from the center of town as it is physically possible. Every one of my girls' meetings take place in buildings that are at least 10 miles one way. And most happen at times which require that I drop the child off, go home and return later to pick up. Forty miles of driving at 12 miles to the gallon (in the van) with gas at $3.65 per gallon! Nathalie has only two more meetings before they are done for the year, so she has offered to pay for the gas out of her babysitting money.

I have to find something really special for Abby, Hannah, and Samantha's girl scout leader. She has volunteered to drive the girls to meetings and events so many times! The girls wouldn't have been able to attend a lot of the events had it not been for her willingness to go out of her way.

And Rachel's leader reads my blog so I should probably say something nice about her too.... I am just teasing! She lets Rachel come to her house on girl scout meeting day so I don't have to drive Rachel to the meeting, back home and then back to pick her up again. She even feeds the child! It also helps that Rachel and her daughter are best buddies. You know, that whole socialization thing...

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