Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My "not real" Farm

Calico Jack and Capt. James Flood are banded (Trust me you don't want to know what that means). Jones, Abby's 11 pound buckling, has been disbudded. The yard is getting there. As my mom so aptly reminded me yesterday: "You have a working farm, you're not going to have a Better Homes and Gardens house". Even if Kelly W. says it isn't a "real" farm like Donna's. ;)

I have about 15 Brownie Scouts coming on Thursday to learn about hobby farming. We will talk about beekeeping, goats, chickens, and sugaring. They will get to taste honey, goat cheese, and maple syrup. They'll get to feed and milk the goats, pet a chicken, feed the free range chickens, and I've set up an empty bee hive for them to check out. If there is time I will show them how to make cheese (Just a quick vinegar queso blanco). If we run out of things to do, I am ready to do a bit about gardening. One way to get the peas in!

The daffodils are blooming; the irises (or is it irisi??) are up. This morning I have to finish washing the tile in the mudroom so Sam can grout it. I have to clean out the green trailer so the new owner can pick it up at the end of the week. The new chicks need chick feed. We are almost out of goat grain. We are down to 30 bales of hay. The barn needs a thorough cleaning. The Older Reds need to get out of the barn. The doghouse needs to be moved so we can get the dogs away from the property line with our neighbors. (Their kids think teasing the dogs is fun). The garden needs to be turned over... The list is endless, but at least it isn't a "real" farm.
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