Monday, April 14, 2008

Vacation Week

I love vacation week! I get all my girls together with no frantic searching for lost journals; no trying to remember which kid has gym and therefore needs to find their sneakers. We get our animlas taken care of and spend the days doing fun things!

This week we have some homeschool work planned since both Rachel and Samantha need extra help in reading and math. Today we are going food shopping, to the bank, to the library, and to the hardware store. (We'll calculate price per ounce, miles per gallon, miles per hour, interest rates, library fines, and paint coverage per can) Abby has a girl scout thing this afternoon too. Tomorrow we are going to Mystic Seaport (Everything about that is educational!). Tomorrow night all five girls are going to my parent's house for a sleepover! (They'll cover watercolor art, drawing, pastels, gardening, cooking, and baking) We also have a 4H record keeping workshop tomorrow night. (math, business managment, profits and losses, and economics)

Wednesday and Thursday we have more 4H record book workshops. Wednesday we will do yard work and take the trash to the dump. (Environment, ecology, what happens if you don't do well in school) We'll probably swing by the library also. Thursday, at the moment, is open. We might just start putting stuff aside to donate for the 4H Camp Benefit Auction on April 25th and 26th. (community service, recycling)

On Friday, Sam and I have a date at Lowes planned! We have changed how we will do the storage space in the mudroom since the cabinets are just too much money. We are pricing open shelving units. We will also be looking at fixtures for our lavatory, which is next on the schedule for renovation. Friday night Hannah goes to her girl scout sleepover at Camp Laurel and at some point??? this week Samantha has a girl scout trip to Petco. Saturday is 4H Camp cleanup in Franklin. (Community service, volunteerism, environment)

Also, somewhere in this week a few 4H'ers have goats due to kidd, so I am sure I'll be dealing with those phone calls; especially since at least one is a first timer.

The weather is supposed to be perfect: Sunny and in the 60's! It should be a great week!
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