Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Will Spring come?

Finally, things are settling down a bit around here. The newest chicks are in under their heat lamps. We didn't lose a single one this time around. Hannah is excited because her "free rare chick" has a crest.

The Chicken Emporium has been painted and the fencing assembled. Today we will introduce the older chicks to it. The four new Chinese Silkie roosters that Hannah adopted from the Humane Society yesterday are settled in their mini coop while they are quarantined for a few weeks. Their crowing this morning set all the dogs to barking, but it is nice to have crowing here again. We haven't had a rooster for nearly 4 years.

My bees are in their hives. Today I will check to see if they have released the queen. They were very reluctant to leave their boxes. I have never had that happen before. I think perhaps it was just too cold.

The two does who are due and past due at this point are looking ready to explode. Today is supposed to be nice; warmer and partly sunny. A good day to birth some babies.

Yesterday we observed a pair of wood ducks nesting in a tree in our goat pen. Seeing a web-footed creature 40 feet up in a tree is a sight to behold! We hope they stay and hatch their babies.

I cleaned the leaves off of my crocusi and daffodils. Perhaps Spring really will come? I look at my yard and I am anxious to get the winter debris cleaned up. Perhaps if the sun really does come out today, we will take the day off from schoolwork and work outside.
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