Friday, May 9, 2008

All before 7:45AM!

So far today I have woken up the children, made coffee and breakfast, wormed a goat, got 2 children ready for school, signed two school notes, and helped the vet tech test 17 chickens!

Since it is going to pour buckets today I can cross laundry off my list. I will be reorganizing the schoolroom for the switchover for summer. This includes adding two more desks for Rachel and Samantha, adding two more baskets for Rachel and Samantha's workbooks, and rearranging the furniture and cleaning out the three older girls' book shelves. For the older girls I will be removing the text books we are finished with and adding in the new ones. For example, Hannah has finished with her 4th grade English textbooks, so those will get put away and the 5th grade ones will come out.

Today Rachel has her audiology exam. Monday she has her testing with the Speech/Language specialist recommended by our pediatrician. According to the paperwork I received from the school, they are doing a physical therapy screening on Rachel also.

Today is the memorial service for Sam's Fire Captain, John Keane, who died a year ago in the Waterbury fire engine accident. The link is for video of the wake and funeral services. Sam was a pall bearer.
Sam is also in the memorial service today. He just left dressed in his Class A uniform. Something about a guy in uniform! Someday I will get a picture of him in it for a happy occasion.
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