Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Day Before Mother's Day

Because Sam has to work at the firehouse tomorrow, we are doing Mother's Day today. At this very moment eggs, bacon, and hash browns are being cooked by my husband while the two older girls take care of the animals and the two younger girls get dressed in their "pretty dresses" for the Mother's Day Brunch at church today. I eat well on Mother's Day!

Wait, you say, that is only 4 girls! No, I didn't kill any of them last night while they slept. Nathalie spent the night at a friends house but will be home before 9AM.

While the girls and I are at the brunch, Sam will be volunteering his time at a golf tournament fundraiser which benefits the family of a good friend of his who died of cancer. Sam and Jeff were very good friends who worked together for nearly 5 years. Jeff's story is here:

When Sam gets home the girls want us all to go out for dinner. Nathalie and Abby have saved up over $50 for this. I don't think they realized that dinner reservations for a Saturday before Mother's Day should have been made weeks ago, especially for a group of seven people. We'll see what we can do... I love the thought behind it, even if we just buy some extra ice cream at the store and eat sundaes at home.

I told you... I eat well on Mother's Day!
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