Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Do you know what today is??

Today is the day on my calendar which actually has nothing written on it! No doctor's appointments, no vet appointments, no 4H events, no girl scout events, no meetings, nothing!

So today what will I do? Laundry, for certain. Since we have sworn off using the dryer, we do a billion loads of laundry on the days that the sun is shining.

Today I will attempt to finish the dress I am sewing for Rachel. It is one of those ultra-fancy, tucks and darts and pleats and insets and inserts with ruffles and lace and trim, kinds of dresses. I think I am currently on step 53. Then I have to make one for Samantha.

I may even get my desk top cleared. When I need a break from the dress, cause I've had to rip out the same seam for the 3rd time in order to get it right, I can sort through the mountain of papers on my desk. The kids seem to think that the top of my desk is the filing cabinet. "I'll just put these school papers on your desk Mom." When I clear my desk, I usually find several math papers with the words, "Please finish at home and return." They often have dates on them that end with "2007."

Of course now that I have my "nothing to do" day all planned, the phone will start ringing at 7AM and not stop until 7PM.
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