Thursday, May 22, 2008

Off to the ZOO

We are off to the zoo tomorrow morning. I was shocked about a month ago when the two younger girls came home with permission slips for the Roger Williams Zoo (or as Samantha calls it the Woger Rillums Zoo!) requiring $22 each for the bus and the zoo tickets! I did a quick check online and found that with our AAA discount we could get the whole family in for $39!

I had spoken to Rachel's best friend's mom and she agreed that the price was rather steep and so we invited them to go along with us. I also discovered that our library has zoo passes that will give us 50% off 4 tickets.

I tried to reserve that pass a few weeks ago but was informed that the earliest I could reserve it was one week before the date. I had forgotten about it until this past Monday. I went in to the library and upon requesting the pass discovered that the woman in front of me had just reserved the last one! Oh well, I thought, we still have the AAA discount.

Today we were at the library when I was asked to go upstairs by one of the librarians. She had seen my van in the driveway and so knew we were around. A zoo pass had just been returned and she wanted to make sure we got it! I love the librarians at our library!

So tomorrow as soon as Sam gets home from the firehouse, we and the Rodgers family will be heading off to the zoo. We have a picnic lunch packed with bread, cheese, ham, pickles, twizzlers, and lemonade. I even splurged and bought potato chips! I have downloaded all the photos off my camera so we have plenty of room for pictures.

Rachel wants a picture of her standing in front of a leopard for her cube project. I have explained to Samantha that I doubt this zoo will have a Przewalski's horse (her cube project animal). She didn't feel that was very fair. She got my standard response: "Life's not fair, kid."

The weather appears to be cooperating for tomorrow. It should be a great day. After we get home it will be animal care and a quick trip over to the Tollmann's to decorate our 4H club's float for the Memorial Day Parade!
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