Thursday, May 29, 2008

Some Of My Favorite Finds On the Web

I found this fun little game the other day:

Since we are going to be helping out Sam's parents with their hay this summer, I have been researching hay baling options (they currently do loose hay storage). A baler purchase is definitely not an option. I found this cute little contraption: They claim you can do 100 bales in a very long day. Sam will build two and with all our "helpers" we might actually get all the hay baled and stored.

For those 4H'ers who need practice with identifying the parts of the goat:

I am always looking for books for Abby and Nathalie to read. Finding that balance between reading level (both are reading on or above a high school level) and age appropriate material is not so easy. So many high school level books deal with boyfriends, girlfriends and romance. This site has a great list of books for teens:

I am thinking about buying this for Hannah: It is a unit study centered around chickens! They have one for goats too:

Here is one of my favorite "parenting" websites: It is from this website that I found one of my favorite clothes sewing pattern sites:
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