Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Vet call

Spent the day today hanging out with one of our 4H'ers. Her doe was due last Thursday and yesterday when I checked her she just didn't look "right". So today the 4H'er called me thinking the goat was in labor. I checked her out and she had a few mild contractions but she was moaning with each breath and very stiff on her feet, preferring to be lying down. I gave her some calcium and nutre-drench to help her out a bit. After a while of observing her, I left with instructions for calling the vet in a few hours if there was no improvment or progress.

I came home to clean the three smaller girls' room with Hannah. I mean really cleaning: move the beds, move the bureaus, clean out the bureau drawers, clear out the closets... My children are part pack rat. Every paper from school, every card or note, every art project has been shoved into the drawers, the desks, and in the closets!

About 3PM the 4H'er called to tell me that the vet had been called and was on his way. I gave out orders to the girls and left to be with her when the vet arrived since she was home by herself.

The vet agreed with my diagnosis :) and gave her more calcium and fluids. He also gave her some pain medication and vitamin B. Finally he gave her the medication to induce her labor. So now we wait. I have an idea of where I will be tomorrow morning....
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