Monday, May 5, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

The whirlwind weekend is over!

First Sam came home from work on Saturday so that I could take his car to New London to get Rachel's bloodwork done. This was the second trip for this particular job!
The first time we went to the clinic, where they informed us the blood had to be drawn before 2PM (It was then 3PM) and it had to be drawn at L&M Hospital outpatient services. They informed us that Outpatient services was open for bloodwork on Saturday.
We arrived at L&M on Saturday to find that there were no parking spaces due to some kind of marathon charity event. After several circles around the parking lot (the garage was full) we managed to squeeze into a vacant space. After going through the whole check-in process, the nice nurse informed us that they can't do this particular test on a weekend. AAARRRGGG!!!!! So we got back in the car and drove to our 4H hot dog sale fundraiser at Tractor Supply Company in Griswold.
We had a great fundraiser. Fourteen of our 32 4H members showed up with assorted parental units. We sold out of hot dogs around 2PM, so we packed up and drove home.
On Sunday Sam left for work and we went to church. After church we made quick PB&J sandwiches and grabbed a bunch of bananas to eat during the ride to Coventry to look at an Alpine doeling for Hannah. After getting lost because I wasn't paying attention and missed Route 6 we eventually found the farm. The doe is beautiful and very correct on her feet and legs. Hannah has decided to buy her and we will pick her up when she is weaned in 4-5 weeks.
We arrived home in time to feed and milk, made 20 or so newspaper hats for a party after church, and ate a quick dinner of leftover pancakes before heading to church for the evening service. We arrived home about 9PM and everyone, including myself, went to bed!
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