Thursday, June 26, 2008

Golden Glasses

Today we dropped Samantha off at Clover Camp. It turns out that Samantha, Grace R., Diana R., and Marina M. are all in the same cabin! Out of the 7 kids in the cabin, four are already good friends! Those poor counselors don't know what they are in for!

Today was also Rachel's eye doctor appointment. Turns our she is far sighted and will need glasses. According to the doctor, basically Rachel is always struggling to see. She does have some "drift" to her eyes but the doctor is thinking the glasses may fix that. We will go tomorrow to order them. Rachel says she wants gold glasses! To make it easy for her to remember when to wear them, she only needs to wear them when she is inside. Riding her bike, doing the animals, or playing outside, she doesn't need to wear them.

Tomorrow a reporter from the Norwich Bulletin is coming to take pictures of the girls and their goats. He is doing a story on the difficulties smaller farmers have in getting veterinary services in eastern Connecticut. Thanks soooo much, DONNA!!
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