Monday, June 9, 2008

International Harvester

The tag sale was a success! At least the Saturday part of it was. Mr. Rodgers volunteered to "man" the sale while we went to church and picked up Hannah's Alpine doeling on Sunday. We got rid of lots of stuff and made over $50. Abby made $4 and Nathalie made $.50. Today I have to get up to the Rodger's place and pick up all that is left. The clothes will go to Good Will, along with any of the furniture that is left. The rest will go to the dump on Wednesday!

Hannah loves her new baby goat. She has named her Ya-el. It's Hebrew for "goat". This year's tattoo letter is "Y" so she chose a name that began with "Y" so she could remember. Ya-el is getting along very well with the other babies. She has learned very quickly to stay away from Billa (Abby's 4 year old doe who is very protective.) The other does have accepted her nicely into the herd.

My bees are doing extremely well. Three supers on one and two on the other! I'll probably add another super to each in a few days.

We bought a baler! A farmer friend of ours had just bought a tractor from a women who was getting rid of all her farming equipment. He had observed that she had a small New Holland baler available, but he didn't need it. We were talking about parents, and I mentioned how we are going to "help" Sam's parents with their haying this year, using a hand baler contraption. John told us about the baler he had seen. We agreed to buy it and asked him to negotiate the deal for us since he knew the woman. On Friday, John surprised us by dropping it off for us. We told Abby it was her birthday present! She was not amused.

Abby's birthday party was nice even with the rain that didn't stop. The kids all played card games in the living room while the adults sat in the dining room and talked. The kids were all still here when it was time to milk so everyone got to help with the animals. After everyone left we drove to my mom's for another party! Unfortunately it was still cloudy and rather chilly, so the girls didn't get to swim.

Abby loved her "International Harvester" themed gifts. She really likes that song, so we centered all of our gifts around it: Craig Morgan CD, IH t-shirt, pink IH hat, and 3 IH tin signs for her to hang in her new room. She was happy to discover that Craig Morgan is a christian and has 5 kids. She has finally relented and stopped asking to have her room painted IH red. She's going to have IH red accents instead. She is such a nut!
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