Monday, June 2, 2008


It's June!
The younger girls are counting down the days to the last day of school. Abby is counting down the days to North Stonington Fair. Nathalie is counting down to the 4H Fair. Hannah is counting down to the day she picks up her new alpine doeling.
Sam and I are counting down the days to when we can stop driving to all the doctor appointments, girl scout meetings, and 4H events!

Everyone is counting down to 4H Camp!!

We are celebrating Abby's birthday on Friday. I can't believe she is going to be 14! She'll have a party during the day with her homeschooled friends and then a party at my mom's in the evening for just the family.

Saturday is the tag sale at the Rodgers' house. I really hope I can sell some of this stuff and make some money. Although the real goal to just get rid of the clutter. It is amazing the list I have gathered together:

computer monitor
computer printer
girl's clothing (bags and bags)
women's clothing (I have finally given up the idea that I'll ever be a size 12 again!)
craft supplies: Pipe cleaners, cloth doilies, paints, etc.
swing set (missing one swing)
If I could figure out a way to get the old woodchipper out there, it would go too.
Hmmm.. wonder if Sam would notice if his old truck was missing....?
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