Monday, June 16, 2008

Our Weekend

We had such a good weekend! I'd post pictures but I forgot my camera at my parent's house. I'll be up there today and I'll be sure to post the pictures.

We decided to drop going to the Forts in New London and Groton on Saturday. The gas would have been too much. So we got an early start and headed up to Canterbury with a small side trip to Lowes in Killingly to pick up the parts Sam needed to finish the toy box. While in Lowes, Hannah and I poured over the paint sample cards and booklets. She decided on about 10 cards to take home and try out in the "real" light of the room. She picked some beautiful sage greens with creamy greens as potential accents. She also chose a few cards of browns for accents. We'll see what she ends up with!

We then arrived at the Prudence Crandall House Museum. It has definitely improved since I went there on a class field trip in 1986! The girls were pleased to put faces with some of the names they had read about. I was surprised that they actually stopped to read most of the exhibit signs. The museum had a small video of scenes from Canterbury through the years. Samantha wanted to know if the Green Center School (one room schoolhouse in Canterbury) was the school I went to!

The museum did a good job of telling the story of Prudence Crandall within the context of the time period. They did a great job of explaining the history of why people did what they did. I hate it when people apply 21st century morals, ethics, and beliefs to history. History has to be disucssed within the context of the period in which it occured. We are to learn from history, not judge it's ethics or morals.

Anyway, we then went to my parent's house for the Open Studio. When we got there Mom had two visitors, so as quietly as five kids who are happy to see their grandparents can, we went in. After a lunch of tuna sandwiches, lemonade, cheese and fruit, we took the girls swimming for a few hours.

The water was perfect! Samantha and Rachel are becoming better swimmers already. Samantha has no fear and often has to be reminded of the boundaries. And that pretty much describes Samantha in everything!

We left for home around 3:30 and got home just in time to get the animals taken care of before the thunderstorms came through.

Our Father's Day was a nice relaxing day. The younger girls gave Sam a "Three Stooges Fire Department" sign. The three older girls gave him a huge book of firefighting history. It was put out by the National Fallen Firefighter's Memorial and the proceeds go to support the families of firfighters who have died in the line of duty. It's a beautiful book with lots of photos of old equipment and fire houses. Eye candy for firemen!
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