Tuesday, June 24, 2008

VBS, Camp, and Cousins! Oh My!

It's VBS (Vacation Bible School) week here. The younger four are attending and Abby is a helper. VBS meets at 6:30PM and goes until 9PM. The theme this year is Dinosaurs! Samantha is loving it. I think Rachel is liking it, and Abby, Nathalie and Hannah are having fun since they get to basically be out late with their friends every night this week.

On Thursday, Samantha gets dropped off at Clover Camp. I have yet to even look over the list of what she needs packed. But that's okay, 'cause I doubt Clover camp is ready for Samantha! She is to be picked up on Saturday. Thankfully, the Rodgers girls are going to Clover camp too. I am judging a goat show in Rhode Island and so Mrs. Rodgers will picking Samantha up for me.

On Sunday afternoon, the four older girls will be dropped at 4H Camp. I know they will have a good time. While they are gone we will be rearranging, (sadly, I will be losing my school room! It was fun while it lasted!) painting and refinishing floors in nearly all the rooms. Hannah has decided on the paint for her room and Abby and Nathalie have managed to agree on curtain fabric for their room. It's not International Harvester red, but brown with pink instead. A much better choice should Abby ever outgrow this phase.

I still need to pick a color for our bedroom. Our furniture is a yellow-ish pine color and the tile in the bathroom is a brown (Regular price: $2.50 per sq foot; Clearance price: $.19 per sq foot!!! It could have been orange and I would have made it work for that price!). I am thinking the walls should be in the browns/beiges/tans. Sam says I can pick any color but pinks. I really like the look of a dark brown with navy accents. And I'll need a dark color to cover all those stripes!

We will be very busy the next three weeks! As soon as the girls are home from camp the cousins from Kansas will be arriving and then all the fairs start! I will try and remember to take lots of pictures!
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