Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Why I don't like going to the doctor!

I had my routine (every 6 months) asthma check up. This usually entails a weight and blood pressure check, lung check and writing refills for my meds. This time around we threw in blood work, just for fun...

My weight is up. Well, duh! I can see that without stepping on the scale. What the doc doesn't know is that my weight is actually down from what it was 3 months ago!

My blood pressure is up: 121/83. Not too bad for the normal person, but my normal BP is around 107/70. As the doc pointed out so nicely: I am getting older and should expect some elevation in BP, but he believes this is in reaction to my weight. So I need to lose at least 15 pounds, but 30 would be better...

My cholesterol is slightly elevated for what it should be: 218. I discount any of that since genetically I am predisposed to cholesterol issues and since this was my first time testing it, we really have no idea what my "normal" really is. I mean I have a great aunt who is in her 70's whose cholesterol is 500, or someting ridiculous like that and she's out playing golf and travelling the country.

My lungs are tighter than they should be. This I knew since I have had to use my rescue inhaler more often in the past month or so. At this point he is chalking it up to the extremely elevated pollen counts. I am to keep an eye on it and if I start having trouble, I am to call and make an appointment to re-evaluate my meds.

So much fun, going to the doctor.... NOT!
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