Monday, July 28, 2008

4-H Fair

We had a successful fair. We had no major injuries, although a few close calls with oxen pullers had everyone sputtering a bit.

Our club was exceptional! I have to say, that I may be a bit biased, but given the size of our club, every member that attended did a phenomenal job. Everyone worked together, helped each other, played well, showed good sportsmanship, and did their absolute best in every event or activity.

I can say that every goat club kid was in a tent, trailer, car, or camper by 10:30 every night. When the cow barn had a late night ruckus, I was able to know, with certainty, that no goat person was involved.

When the alpaca kid was showing his alpaca, the chicken and rabbit kids cheered him on. When the chicken and rabbit kids were showing, the goat kids cheered them on. Everyone congratulated Matt, Lara, Abby and Nathalie on their Best of Show awards in the Exhibit hall. Hannah and the Jones' boys were congratulated on their Best of Shows in the chicken and rabbit barns. Nika was awarded his Best of Show in the Alpaca barn and everyone cheered as Josiah won the hay toss competition. And I know I am probably missing someone or something...

With so many different animals in our club, it has been suggested that we change our club name. Perhaps Great Goats and More??

It is the day after the fair, we slept in until 6:45 AM. The girls have begun to unload the camper and the van. Sam will be calling the auto mechanic, as we are losing at least one coil in the van's engine (maybe more). This made for an interesting ride home last night, with Donna's phone number on standby for emergency transport if we needed it. Thankfully, we managed to limp home at 25 m.p.h. and with the "Service Engine" light blinking intermittently, along the back roads, avoiding all highways.

Our next fair isn't until the Lebanon fair, in two weeks. No goats at that fair, but all kinds of chickens and exhibit hall entries. Also Abby and Nan will be showing cows. At least we can sleep in our own beds for that one...
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