Tuesday, July 1, 2008


OKay! I admit it! I am a Kirk Cameron fan. And guess what!? He has a new movie coming out in September! Fireproof Yeah, it is about firefighters. But more about firefighters and their marriages. And with Kirk Cameron in it, it will also have a christian message.

My marriage took a jolt yesterday, as I got a phone call while I was out doing the animals with Samantha. Just a simple message on my answering machine: "Hey, Amy. It's about 8:30. I'm getting out of the firehouse a little late. I'm okay. Just have to fill out some paperwork. I got hurt at a call. Nothing serious. Just my back. Love you."

WHAT!!!???? Just my back? I am sure you can imagine the scenarios that went through my head! When he came home he could barely move, but insisted that he was fine; just needed to move around a bit and loosen things up. By 5PM he was still in pain, so we went to the clinic. They determined it is significant, but not permanant and gave him several different perscriptions to take.

Apparently it happened at a semi truck roll over incident. The driver fell asleep and flipped his truck and slid the saddle fuel tanks along the guard rail, slicing them open and spilling diesel fuel. The driver was fine other than being shaken up. Sam's crew was shoveling sand to build a dam around the spill and contain it. As Sam was shoveling his foot slipped and he twisted his back. The doctor called it a "significant sprain of the sacral ilium region". Sam will be "Off Duty: Service Connected" (AKA: C-Leave) until Wednesday, when he will be reevaluated to see if he is healed enough to return to work.

I explained that next time he hurts his back at work, he can just tell me in person instead of leaving vague messages on the answering machine!
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