Saturday, July 12, 2008

Goat Shows!

It's 4:30 AM. Do you know where your goats are??

We are feeding all eight kids. Yes, the two legged kind. Yes, I know that is more than five. Our five girls, plus 2 of my nieces, plus one cousin. All girls. Poor Sam!

Today is the Ct American Dairy Goat Association Nutmeg Classic in Vernon. We are bringing our 3 milking does, Hannah's kidd and Abby's yearling. Because of the number of children we are transporting we need 3 seats in the van. This made it so we can't fit the goats and the equipment in the van at the same time. Thankfully our friends the Jones' are going also. They are coming here at 5:30 AM to put our goats in their truck.

Tomorrow is the North Stonington Fair goat show. We will be leaving around 6AM since Sam and I are superintending. We'll take some of the seats out of the van and load goats, equipment and 4 children. We'll load the other 4 children in Sam's car.

I am looking forward to the longer fairs so that we wil be taking the camper and everything will fit!
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