Thursday, July 24, 2008

Homeschool Curriculum Decisions

The end of July is when I start researching and searching for curriculum for the next school year. Pretty much the only kid I have to look for is Abby, being that she is the oldest. In the past few years I have spent between $200 and $300 per year, on all curriculum, for all the girls, combined. After some researching into curriculum for Abby, I am still in sticker shock!

Abby is starting ninth grade in September. (Yes, I really do have a high schooler!) It's a huge deal and I have to admit I am a bit anxious about making sure I don't "screw it up". I even looked up Lebanon's requirements (something I have never done before):
Graduation Requirements
Graduation from Lyman Memorial High School implies that students have satisfactorily completed the prescribed courses of study in accordance with their respective abilities to achieve.

Subject Credits Specific Requirements

The Arts or
Vocational Education 2

English 4

Health 0.5

Mathematics 3 Algebra 1 or Algebra 1A course.

Physical Education 1.5 3 years

Science 3 1 lab course

Social Studies 3 U.S. History 1 credit; Civics,
.5 credit or equivalent.

Computer Literacy 0.5

Senior Project 0.5

Electives 5 Minimum

So we need to cover the basics: Math, Science, History, and some kind of literature/writing course, as well as some art, health ed., phys.ed., and 5 electives. I believe in learning a foreign language, so we'll put that under the elctives column.

Health and Phys. Ed. we can cross off the list. Living on a farm, she gets plenty of exercise and she certainly has a good grasp of the "birds and the bees". Art she gets every time we visit my mom who has her own art studio in her house. I may look for an art history curriculum at some point.

Math: she needs an Algebra I course since she has already completed a Pre-Algebra course. We found one that has enough repetition and review without being boring: $104

Science: We have found a publishing company that we really like for science and their freshman biology course includes lab exercises: $345 (I was able to buy the text book used so my total was only $295) Thankfully, a lot of the equipment for the Biology course can be used for the 10th grade Chemistry course.

History: is a bit difficult to find since we have really already covered so much history in past years. I like this particular series: but I really like this one too: This one would count as the literature/English requirements too. Both are right around $90.

Foreign Language: We've decided on Latin, since it is the basis of nearly every other language out there and beneficial for studying the sciences. This curriculum looks to be the most comprehensive: It will cost $90.

Language Arts/Literature: We have usd this publisher for a few years now and the girls really seem to enjoy it so we will continue with the high school version: It is the cheapest of all at $27.

That comes to a grand total of $606!! Not counting the shipping! The good thing is the majority of it is not consumable so I can re-use it for the rest of the girls.
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