Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's Wednesday. Do You Know Where Your Fair Projects Are??

Being that today is Wednesday and tomorrow is the first drop off day for the 4H fair, today will be a day filled with exclamations by children that start with: "But Mom..."

But Mom, I need stuffing to finish my pillow.
But Mom, we don't have any jam for my baking contest entry.
But Mom, my record book isn't done.
But Mom, I need to finish my scrapbook.

Also today the phone will continue to ring, as it has for the last two days, with 4H-er's who can't remember what time drop off is, forgot to get me to sign their record books, need me to sign their chaperone forms, or forgot to mail in their entry forms.

And if any of my 4H-er's read this the answers are: Thursday 7PM-8PM and Friday 5PM-7PM; I will be home all day today and will sign any and all completed paperwork; I will still accept entry forms: fax them or drop them off to me.
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