Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Light Duty

Sam had his follow-up doctor appointment today. He is going to be put on light duty status. This means he is home for the next seven days, at which time he will be re-evaluated. He also starts physical therapy 3 times per week.

The doctor pulled Sam's old records to check to see if there had been any previous injury. He found that in 2006, when Sam had a kidney stone, the cat scan showed two hernias. No one had ever mentioned these to us. I have a suspicion that they occured when he had his omentum surgery. The way Sam was put back together on the outside, I don't doubt he was poorly put back together on the inside.

Samantha is at the Rodger's house for a sleepover. Mr. Johnson finished painting Hannah's room and the master bedroom. He'll be back on Saturday to paint the master bathroom. I took pictures of what the rooms looked like before we started working on them. I'll take pictures when everything is done too.
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