Sunday, July 20, 2008

Made It Home

Home, sweet home!
Thankfully our trip to Kentucky and back was uneventful. We arrived in Louisville on Friday night at about 11:30PM. We slept for 6 hours and checked out. Our hotel room was very nice. A king sized bed, a "kitchen" area with sink, fridge and coffee pot, a huge flat screen TV, a walk-in closet, a good sized bathroom, a "lounge" area with two fold out sofa beds. The room was huge and we wondered why we can't get rooms like that when we travel with the kids? When we traveled with the girls we always ended up in teeny tiny rooms with 2 full sized beds and just enough room to squeeze around them.

After checking out, we went to the Kentucky Exposition center to meet up with our new kidd: Kroquet (we'll call her Kay). We finally found her and she is beautiful! She placed 14th in her class of over 20 at the National competition. Her owner explained that she didn't show her herself as she was showing another goat, but she could see that the handler was having a hard time getting Kay to set up. So she probably would have placed higher had she been behaving in the ring.

We then were "on the road again" at 7:30 AM. Because of the goat, we had to stop more frequently and for longer periods. We pulled into our drive-way at 11:30 PM last night. We saw cars from nearly every state excpet Alaska and Hawaii and have decided that New York and New Jersey drivers are the rudest and most aggressive drivers out there.
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