Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Making the Paper

Samantha was in the New London Day yesterday. You can view it here for another 4 days:

My sister (Sarah) and her husband almost made the paper in Indiana. Their new plane (yes they actually own the plane) was getting repaired and wasn't quite finished so the company gave them a loaner plane. They were to fly into Connecticut from Kansas yesterday afternoon. My dad got a phone call that they were in Indiana and would be late since the loaner plane had some landing gear issues which required them to circle for quite some time. It apparently also involved a landing with firetrucks standing nearby. EEEEKKK!!!

My sister gets horrible motion sickness and so was really not feeling well after all the circling. Her husband was taking the kids for something to eat while she tried to rest and the airplane people decided what to do. Eventually we heard that the plane was being grounded and they had to wait for another plane to be flown in for them. When I left my mom's last night they had just informed my dad that they were once again in the air on their way to CT.
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