Monday, July 14, 2008


After a weekend of goat shows, we are tired!

Everyone did very well! Our goats did as expected at the ADGA show: dead last! What can we say, at least we are consistant! Donna's goats did very well, as one of her Togganburgs earned a championship leg!

The North Stonington fair was a smashing success! We had 72 goats exhibited and every breed had at least one representative. Abby placed second in Senior showmanship to Heather. Susan placed 5th, Matt placed 6th! All of our 4H-ers did very well and all have improved from last year in their showmanship ability.

My niece Claudia placed first in the Pee Wee showmanship class. Hannah placed well in her showmanship class which had a lot of competition. All but one of Hannah's chickens took home a first place ribbon. She was more thrilled that one of her Golden Sebrights started laying eggs, so now she can breed her and raise her own chicks.

I think everyone had fun, there were no battles or brawls, and everyone went home with some money in their pockets! We are going to spend this day getting the house back in order, taking Abby to the doctor for her sore throat, and returning the nieces to their parents.

Oh! I almost forgot the best part of the weekend! We came home late Saturday night and some "vandal" had entered our home and finished painting my bathroom! So now all the rooms in our home have been painted! They look wonderful and as soon as I have a minute I will take and post pictures!
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