Sunday, August 3, 2008

Busy, Busy

We have managed to squeak in a few school lessons in between, visits to Meme's house, fixing the broken van (twice!), clipping a cow (still one more left to clip!), working on fair exhibits, catching a bee swarm, and visiting other 4H fairs to get ideas.

Rachel is enjoying her math curriculum. She likes watching the instructor on the DVD's. Then the lessons are gone over again by me. She spends the next few days doing the worksheets and working with the manipulatives. There is a lot of review and repitition with this curriculum. Just goes to show how her brain works, since she has yet to realize that the work isn't anything new each day.

Samantha is doing the Math lessons too. On the same level as Rachel but since the levels are called Greek alphabet letters, neither realizes that they are both doing grade 2 work.

Abby's new science and algebra curriculum have arrived. Her history and Latin should be here shortly. She is finishing up her science textbook from 8th grade this summer before we start on the Biology.

Nathalie is devouring all books put in front of her and has recently discovered my old Nancy Drews. She loved the Boxcar Children books and says the Nancy Drew books are just a more grown up version. I think she has read nearly 50 of them so far.

Hannah is spending her summer researching things to teach Rachel and Samantha. She just finished learning all about frogs. Her frog exhibit at the 4H fair took two blue ribbons and one red ribbon. Rachel and Samantha love following her around at the library helping her find books to read to them.

Fair season is quickly gearing up. Starting with the Chester Fair (Aug 22-24) we will have 6 fairs in 6 weekends! We then get a week off before we go to Portland Fair. Of course, just to make things interesting that weekend, my brother has decided to get married on that Sunday!
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