Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School!!

Today is the first day of school! The two public schooled kids will be getting on that big yellow bus this morning! The three homeschooled kids will be sitting down with their books! I may actually get some laundry, housework, and sewing done!

Yesterday the Rodger's kids came to play. Hannah was supposed to show Grace how to show a chicken, but we forgot about in the excitement of meeting new friends. Heather had called me on Monday. Her daughter Kaylie is going into first grade. Kaylie had been homeschooled for kindergarten and it had been decided that this year she should go to the public school.

Kaylie's mom admitted to being neurotic and someone had suggested my name to her as a person to talk to about public school and homeschool. It turns out that Kaylie will be in Mrs. Provost's class with Samantha and Dianna. So we arranged a play date so all three girls will know each other. With Grace and Rachel also being in the multiage program, all five girls will now be able to play as a pack at recess time. Poor Mrs. Provost. She has no idea what is hitting her this week!

Heather was concerned about how she was going to balance her homeschooling ideals and philosophy with having a child in the public school system. I was honest with her and told her it wasn't easy. I also gave her some of the hints and tricks of the trade in dealing with the administration. Phyliss and I both told her she really needed to go into it with the idea that no matter what, she shouldn't pull Kaylie out until at least December vacation. Thankfully, Mrs. Provost is a seasoned teacher and has been dealing with me and my idiosyncrasies for many years now. Heather won't scare her a bit.

Dianna, Kaylie and Samantha, together as a pack, now that's another story!
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