Friday, August 22, 2008

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

So in spite of having a fair to go to this weekend, we will be hauling hay today! A guy my brother-in-law (Doug) knows, is making hay this week and if we haul it out of his field he'll charge us less than if we buy it out of his barn.

Doug is helping us out with the throwing and the hauling as his trailer can carry 189 bales. We borrowed a flatbed trailer from the Rodgers (THANK YOU!!) that we think can carry about 50 bales. We are buying a total of 300 bales which is the bare minimum we think we can get by with until next July, if we are very careful and don't waste too much. (Donna, STOP LAUGHING!!)

Last night Doug called at about 4:30 and said that some of the hay had been baled already and he could pack 66 bales onto his truck and bring it down right away, making fewer bales for us to transport the next day. Of course Sam wasn't home to move the camper. That meant Doug's truck couldn't get backed up to the hay loft. So the girls and I got out some tarps and laid them on the ground in the front yard. Doug arrived at about 8:30PM and since Sam was still at work, Abby, Nathalie, Doug and I off loaded and stacked it by the light of the van's headlights. We covered the stack with more tarps to keep off the dew. Sam arrived home about 10 minutes AFTER we finished! Guess what we'll be doing as soon as the animal chores are finished: moving the hay from the front yard to the barn!

Then around 11AM we will be going up to load another 230+/- bales onto the various trailers and off loading them into the barn. Hopefully all before we leave for the fair at 5:00PM!!
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