Thursday, August 28, 2008

Second Day of School

First day of school pictures:

Only a few hitches in our first day of school morning. Rachel didn't want to wear her glasses, and definitely didn't want to wear the "safety string" on them. She did her "I want to be homeschooled" crying fit, but we settled her before the bus came.

They both came home with gobs of redundant paperwork for me to go through. At least they only gave the school handbook to the youngest child! They only asked for my pediatrician's name and phone number a gazillion times. Do they know something I don't know??

Today they go off with their "Second Day of School" dresses, the hem of Samantha's I just finished this morning! All of their paperwork is filled out to be returned, plus the letter requesting a PPT for Rachel. (I warned them I wasn't going to dilly-dally!)

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