Monday, September 29, 2008

The Big E

We surivived the Big E.

It rained. A lot. Of course the barn and the 4H dorms were on the two most opposite points of the fairgrounds. It took a full 10 minutes to walk between them, and that was when walking at a fast clip.

I think Abby, Matt, Lara, Jason, Josiah, and Jeremiah had fun. It was great to have so many kids from our club there. They all did really well in all their classes.

Due to a situation involving Rhode Island 4H'ers, Sam and I have volunteered to sit on the Connecticut Big E committee. (Like I don't have enough to do!) A Rhode Island 4H'er was not permitted to show her animal in a showmanship or a fitting class because there was an error on her paperwork. An error that A)in any other show would not have even been discovered and B)was not significant enough to effect anything at all. The rule book for the show stated that the Big E committee had the right to amend and change any rules. Four members of the Big E committee (two from Maine and two from New Hampshire) refused to call a meeting when it was requested. They had Connecticut and Rhode Island outnumbered since CT only had two members present and no one from RI or MA was present.

Unfortunately, because I spoke up and had actual real arguments, with documentation, I made some people angry. Sadly, these people were so immature they took it out on Abby. It is a shame that adults who are in charge of activities for children have forgotten that it is about the kids, and not about their power trip.

I made a suggestion that perhaps next year we could have something fun, like an obstacle course. I was told that this was a "serious competition and the kids needed to be focused on showing." I think the "powers that be" have lost their focus.

So, now Sam and I are on the Goat Day committee and have put our lot into being on the Big E committee (we have to be nominated). I have also decided that we will have a CT 4H goat show, maybe not in 2009, but certainly for 2010. And perhaps we will make it a Southern New England 4H thing and invite RI too. I also spoke with another 4H leader who is interested in working together with me to organize a "team" of 4H'ers to attend the ADGA National show in 2010. We both agreed that if you can't fix the system, you make a new one. And boy did this weekend show me that the existing system is really broken!
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