Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I am sticky. My van is sticky. My kitchen is sticky. Donna's driveway is sticky.

Guess what I did this morning!! I harvested honey! The adventure part happened when we had only 3 frames left to spin. Donna's bees found us out. It started with one little bee sipping up some honey from the bowl. In about 10 minutes we were inundated with bees!

Eventually with Donna's help and a hose we were able to get the bees away long enough to finish draining the tub of honey into my bucket. Many, many, MANY bees perished by drowning in honey. Those that didn't perish are surely in a diabetic coma right about now.

I was hoping to get about 30 pounds of honey this time around since I harvested 50 pounds in July. I got 50 pounds this time!! That's pretty good for two hives! One hive will die since I took nearly every drop of honey they had. I will attempt to winter over the stronger hive.

How sweet it is!!
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