Friday, September 5, 2008

Ledyard Fair

The Ledyard Fair is this weekend. We decided that since we have to be at the fair around noon time, Rachel and Samantha could stay home from school today. I don't think they'll be missing too much, as today is the day Mrs. Simon (principal) dresses in a costume to reward the kids for their participation in the summer reading program.

Anyway, I spent yesterday dealing with all the produce in my kitchen. I canned tomatoes. I froze yellow summer squash. I pickled cucumbers. I even pickled some yellow squash. I also finished jarring up my honey harvest from July. I am now out of canning jars. I never thought it would happen. It has.

So what am I going to do with the stuff that will be coming out of the garden on Monday? Sam says Tropical Storm Hanna will probably answer that question.

Yeah, 6 inches of rain and 45 mile per hour winds, always make for an interesting fair...
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