Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Birthday

The kids were great yesterday and all pitched in and the house is reasonably clean.

I've started to jar up my honey. I really need to find more jars; I am just about out. This honey is a shade darker than the honey I harvested in July. It looks absolutely beautiful.

I was commenting to someone the other day that we just weren't selling our farm products the way we did last year. Then in the last two days I have sold over $60 worth of eggs and honey! Hopefully this trend will keep up!

My sisters (Sarah and Emily) sent me the most beautiful flower arrangment for my birthday. It was very sweet of them. Sam called me in the morning and the guys at the firehouse all wished me Happy Birthday. He then called again later last night with the best birthday gift: He's working overtime today!!

At lunch, Abby, Nathalie, and Hannah made me a dish of ice cream and put birthday candles in it. They lit the candles and sang Happy Birthday. Abby said she thought the ice cream was a better choice so that I wouldn't have to call the fire department on my birthday. She has a habit of catching things on fire when she cooks unsupervised!

My mom called and we talked for awhile. She had given me my birthday present a few weeks ago: 3 pounds of Dunkin Donuts Hazelnut coffee! Yum! I drank about 6 cups yesterday and I think I am on cup number 4 today! Sam doesn't like it, so I only make it when he isn't home. It will last a lot longer that way!

So it was a good birthday: a clean house, no bee stings, no kitchen fires, overtime, good coffee, singing firemen, and beautiful flowers!
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