Saturday, September 13, 2008

No Fair

No fair this weekend. A few of the goats are sick and being the responsible goat people that we are, we decided to not take any of the animals to the fair this weekend. I wouldn't want to be like whoever it was that brought this illness to a fair and gave it to my goats.

The goats will recover. According to the vet we have a very mild case. We are either lucky or our goats have strong immune systems, or both.

So we are taking the weekend to get some rest, go to the dump, and get some housecleaning done. Samantha's birthday is coming soon and I have some dresses to make for her this weekend.

My birthday is coming soon too. My mother, who is all of 57, said last night that she was "pushing 60". Which means I am pushing 40. I remember when 40 meant you were old...

In other news, Rachel's pediatrician called yesterday. Rachel has an MRI scheduled for Sept 19th and I have to call up to CCMC to schedule her for a consult with a pediatric neurologist. The PPT with the school is scheduled for Septemeber 16th. I have to admit I am nervous about the MRI and part of me wonders if we are doing the right thing. But then last night I listened to Rachel try to explain something she did in school to my mom, and because I didn't witness the event I couldn't help her explain it. It took Samantha re-explaining it for us to understand what had happened. At nearly nine years old it shouldn't be this hard for Rachel.
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