Sunday, September 21, 2008

Our Zoo

This week ahead is looking to be incredibly zoo-like!

Let's see. Today is the bridal shower for my future sister-in-law. Then we are picking Nathalie up from her weekend with my mom and dad. Abby has her Teen Fellowship meeting and I think Nathalie has drama practice.

On Monday I have to spin out my frames of honey since they are just deposited on my kitchen table. This makes meals interesting to say the least.

Tuesday is my birthday. We will be cleaning house since we have guests visiting from Oregon, Wednesday thru Saturday. A lovely christian homeschooling family, whose daughter is looking at attending the Coast Guard Academy. They will be staying in our house while we are away at the Big E. I love meeting new people from various places and opening our home to help a fellow homeschooler is a great way to do that!

Wednesday we will be packing for everyone to go to their various places. Abby and Sam for the dorm at Big E; Nathalie to Samantha for the Rodger's home. I will owe Phylis big time after this weekend!

Thursday is the first day at the Big E for us. I actually have no official capacity there this weekend, unlike Sam and Abby. So, it should be quite relaxing for me.

With fair season over for us, we are drying off the milking does early. We have three goats for sale right now, but two of them currently have Orf so we can't send them to auction like we wanted. As soon as they are healthy, if we've had no one interested in them, they will be shipped to auction. We just can't afford to keep every animal.
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