Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Two New Friends

Spook, our cat, is getting on in years. At the age of 16, he has started to show a significant slow-down. Having a barn and animals, means having mice. Spook is no longer, shall we say, enthusiastic, about catching the mice. We put the word out that we were looking for some barn cats.

Now you would think there would be barn cats available everywhere. You would be wrong. The humane society has lots of cats available, but they won't let you have one if you aren't going to keep it indoors. Other pet places want you to pay $75 adoption fees for animals that will still need to be "fixed" and many of those places also won't adopt out to barns either.

While at the Ledyard fair, one of the sheep people had a sign up advertising kittens. We got to talking and these kittens are barn kittens, 7 weeks old and eating solid food. We agreed to take two males. Sam brought them home after work at Tractor Supply. He had already named one "Herbie" and Rachel and Samantha named the other one "Shadow".

Of course, not an hour after we brought these kittens home, a friend put me in contact with a woman who is fostering 2 cats; one male, one female. They are 5 months old, have all their shots, and are already fixed. They are standoff-ish and so have been deemed "un-adoptable". They come for food and will put up with the occasional pat, but are not cuddly. This organization has decided to bend the rules and let us adopt the kittens as otherwise they would have to be put down. So next week, those two will come to live with us also.

I think we have enough barn cats now.
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