Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Back to Work!

Last night's 4H meeting went well. We had 20 kids show up to fill out registration paperwork. There were two others who informed me that they weren't able to attend but wanted to join. So our club is now probably about 25 kids.

The kids voted to sell chocolate bars around Christmas time. It was a succesful fundraiser last year. We shall see how it goes this year.

They also voted for their club president, vice president, secretary, assistant secretary, and treasurer. It looks like a good crew this year who are eager to get some work done and be active in the club.

Sam took today off from both jobs so that we can get some firewood stacked away in the wood shed. We haven't yet fired up the woodstove, but that day is fast approaching! I am looking forward to it. I cook a lot of things on the woodstove in the winter. Nothing like Hamburger soup simmering away to fill the house with lovely smells!

Sam will also be winterizing the camper today. He also needs to add some tie-ups to the upper barn for when we move all the does into the upper pasture for the winter.

I have to finish sewing dresses for Abby. She has outgrown nearly everything in her closet. Her feet are larger than mine and she is as tall as I am! Nathalie thankfully fits into most of her outgrown clothes, but I will make her a few new desses and skirts too.

So, after a fun long weekend, it's back to work for everyone!
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