Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Christmas Plans

It's a quiet week this week. A good thing since last week was a zoo and next week is when 4H and girl scout meetings all start up again.

My brother is getting married next weekend too. My sisters are coming from Kansas without the kids. My kids are disappointed. Hannah was really looking forward to seeing Claudia again. Those two really hit it off this summer when the cousins were here to visit.

We have started to finalize our Thanksgiving and Christmas plans. Sam has to work Thanksgiving Day, so we will be travelling to my mom's for the day. Christmas is easy this year since Sam is working Christmas Eve. We'll spend the Eve at my mom's and then have Christmas morning brunch with my parents (and maybe my locally living brothers and their wives will come too!)at our house while we wait for Sam to come home. When he gets home we'll open presents! The Saturday after Christmas is usually my in-law's party. I usually have a 4H Christmas party and a Christmas Brunch party. The 4H party will probably be around December 13 and the Brunch party will probably be December 24.
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